Nacton Shores

The local police and council are working together to extend the public space protection orders (PSPOs) because of the recent knife and gang related incidents that took place in Ipswich. Whilst this might put our minds at ease, it has still left the town in a negative light, especially the Nacton area. At times like these, it’s important that we still find the positives of where we live.

Nacton Shores

Grabbing onto the rough bark of the tree trunk to steady my balance, I carry on walking through the muddy sand, squelching and sinking deeper with each step I take. The blinding sun is reflecting off the ripples of the sea but this doesn’t seem to affect the seagulls happily bobbing around on the grey, murky water. Glistening bubbles form as the waves meet the shore but they soon disappear, leaving only frothy foam behind. I breathe in the distinctive smell of seaweed and as I turn around, there I see the brown ocean algae sunbathing upon the rocks. In the distance, I can hear an aeroplane above me, gliding through the sky as it journeys to a new destination. Close by I can hear young children shouting in excitement as they play amongst the ruins of the trees which once stood along the cliff edge. As I gaze out across the fallen forest, I’m surprised by the beauty of something so lifeless; however, I also experience a moment of sadness when I realise that these inanimate trees will never bloom again. The wind is blowing my hair in all directions and as I push back the uncontrollable strands, I can feel the warmth of my cheeks from the glowing sun against my fingers. I look behind me to see a trail of footprints I’ve been leaving in between the pocket-sized pebbles and crushed pieces of shell. I look up and notice a large butterscotch coloured dog frantically running towards me. As he jumps up I can smell a stale odour diffusing from his damp fur. While the dog obeys his owners’ command and bounds back down the beach towards them, I look down at my jeans covered in muddy paw prints and smile at my souvenirs! With one final breath of the fresh air and a last glimpse out at sea, I start my journey home in need of a glass of water. The taste of the salty sea air might have left me feeling thirsty but it is a taste to remind me of the path I have just walked and the memories I have just made.

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