What’s the Point?

I start things, I try different things, but then the thought of ‘what’s the point?’ crashes around my head as if it’s riding the rapids.

I often struggle; wondering what my purpose is. I feel like I always need a point, no matter what I do.

What’s the point of me writing a blog? Why would anyone want an insight into my life or mind? So many people are already succeeding by helping others through their writing and I certainly don’t possess their knowledge, skills or experience. So, what’s the point?

But then, as I was struggling to jog up a hill (random I know) a little thought popped into my mind. Imagine if someone decided to not pursue their dream of becoming a teacher because there are already plenty of good ones. They couldn’t possibly come close to reaching the standards of others so why bother? Those few successful teachers who they are comparing themselves to can’t teach a whole school, let alone all the children in that town, county or country. Although those teachers might be great at what they do, another teacher is going to bring something else to the school, to the classroom, to a child’s life, because they are unique.

What’s the point of starting up a little café in Ipswich when there are already plenty of successful ones in London? Because those successful ones in London aren’t going to help those customers in need of a coffee in Ipswich.

You can offer something that others can’t. Don’t put your dreams on hold because you are comparing yourself to someone else’s success.

Maybe that little café in Ipswich didn’t take even half of the earnings that a café in London took, and maybe they didn’t have a celebrity walk through their door; advertising their baked goods to their thousands of followers on social media. But maybe for an elderly person experiencing loneliness, the little café in Ipswich is the highlight of their day. They get to chat to the friendly faces of those that work there, fill their tummy with the best lemon drizzle cake they’ve tasted, and once they have drained their coffee from its cup, they head towards the bus stop with a sense of belonging. Maybe it’s the place where a couple went on their first date and still, three years later, sit at the same table for two in the window and order cheese scones every month. Are you using the correct tools to measure success?

We also need to work together. When we feel like we can’t possibly do any better than the people already out there achieving, take that comparison and competition and turn it into a community. Whilst professional footballers are all good at playing football, they all need different sets of skills to make a strong team. A variety of art, although created by different artists, all come together under one roof of an art gallery.

Someone might question how one painting, in particular, can even be called ‘art’, whilst to someone else, they love it because they understand it. It’s their favourite piece. Someone might be able to relate to your uniqueness in a way they couldn’t with other people. And as Emily Coxhead said, ‘being you is your superpower. Use it to empower’.

It has taken me years to allow that idea to sink in. I think it’s still slowly sinking. No matter how many times we go back and replay the scene where the cast perform ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman or listen to Bruno Mars singing ‘Just The Way You Are’, it’s not going to mean anything until we actually start to believe it.

So maybe your ‘point’ is just to be you. If something gives you a sense of purpose, no matter how big or small, if it’s good for your soul or it brings you happiness, that’s the point.

Once we start to just be us, we can also then start to help others; giving us a deeper sense of purpose. You are the point. And your point can bring purpose; not only to your life but also to others.

2 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. You sound very much like me. I’m wondering why some of us have this urge to do something we consider special and others are fine with less (or we just see them like that?)
    Well said and thanks for sharing.


    1. Hello and thank you. Yes, me too. I’m always wondering if people are actually happy with less because they aren’t really bothered by it; content with the smaller things or if they are unhappy because they are in need of more? Thanks for your comment.


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