Prioritising Our Planet

When I feel low, tidying my room certainly doesn’t solve all my problems but it just makes me feel like I have my life that little bit more together. It’s also calming to wake up in a clean and tidy room, rather than the state of my room reflecting how messy my mind is; it’s not the best start to my day. Cleaning up my room becomes the first step; that first step of not giving into the low mood, breaking that negative cycle and making a positive change. Once I’ve made that first step, other things seem slightly more achievable… and obviously, a clean room is a bonus too.

‘Tidy home, tidy mind.’

And that made me think. What if we took that quote and looked at it from a different perspective? If the home represented the earth, would the mind then represent everyone’s wellbeing? The world is a mess right now, in more ways than one, but we seem to just be glancing over the fact that we are destroying our planet.

The clothes we haven’t hung back up in the wardrobe resembles all the plastic ending up in the ocean. The makeup, jewellery and toiletries that haven’t been put away, demonstrates how we are not reusing what we already have. The paperwork sprawled all over the floor represents the water, energy, petrol and all the things we should be cutting down on and the unmade bed displays our laziness towards making changes in our diets; to eat more plant-based foods. (Obviously, there is a lot more that we also need to be doing, but it’s a good start.)

Actually, I think we all know that we are destroying our planet. What we need to do now is stop ignoring the fact we need to take action. Yes, that might mean you have to pay more for your vegetables not wrapped in plastic, to leave half an hour earlier to cycle to work or to considerably cut down on the meat you eat. To take quicker showers, to buy a dress that somebody else has worn before or having to carry around your reusable shopping bags, water bottle and foldable hot drinks cup when you go out for the day. Instead of increasing the price of bags for life, why don’t we just get rid of them completely? We need options taken away from us because we are just ignoring the eco-friendly ones. Maybe then it will sink in, that we need to stop buying unnecessary plastic if we have to pay £2 for a fabric one every time we forget our bags. But we don’t really have any other option. We can’t just leave it up to other people because we are the people that it’s left up to. We all need to be doing our bit. I know that by using reusable pads to remove your mascara instead of using cotton pads or make-up wipes isn’t going to save the world, so at times we do feel frustrated because it doesn’t feel like we are making any difference, but it’s important to keep going. It won’t go unnoticed. We all need to do our bit and we all need to work together.

What if by working together to save our planet we then became more mindful of not only how we care for our environment, but also how we care for one another?

By tidying our home (saving our planet) could we then tidy our mind (people’s wellbeing) not only because we will be living in a better environment but because we have all worked together?

Just like a tidy room won’t allow a low mood to just disappear, making changes to the environment isn’t going to instantly solve all the other issues we are facing either. But not only would we all start to save our beautiful planet, it will also make us more mindful. By being mindful, we can look at things from a calmer perspective and when we do something good, we feel good too. Maybe whilst we plant more trees and eat less dairy, we can also water our relationships; allowing them to blossom whilst we try to be less selfish. To think before we speak, to not judge each other, to help others out and work together on the things that need to change, rather than fighting about it.

With children and young people being made to travel hundreds of miles for mental health treatment, people sleeping out on the streets and those not receiving the right support for their families, we are losing that sense of belonging; society is collapsing.

Now is the time that we all need to come together and if everyone prioritises saving our planet, maybe we can do just that…

If we start caring for our planet, maybe we can then start caring for one another too. Not just our own family but caring about everyone we come into contact with. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant act of kindness; it could just be knowing when to hold back that comment that could cause someone else damage.

If our world is crumbling, our society is collapsing and we are beating ourselves up about our insecurities, is it not time that we start to love again? To love our world, to love each other and to love ourselves. Maybe love is all, and exactly what we need right now. I think The Beatles were on to something…

So, let’s prioritise saving our planet. Maybe saving the world with love is the key to not only loving each other but to also loving ourselves.

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