After watching Jay Shetty’s ‘Habits for Happiness’ videos, although they left me feeling inspired, I also found myself thinking, well, I already know that? He even admits that you’ve probably come across these things before, such as gratitude, but you need to dive in deeper and really commit to them; making them a habit is when you will start seeing the real benefits. So, what if the thing we are looking for, to help ourselves, is something we already know?

Have you ever had that tiny voice (inside your head) pop up from nowhere, telling you something that you know but then still choose to ignore?

I imagine this voice to be like a shy child who never likes to answer a question at school. They would rather keep to themselves as they fear that if they answer, they might be wrong, so they don’t answer at all. It saves themselves the embarrassment and they also won’t be teased by the other children. When a question is asked that they definitely know the answer to, their hand raises involuntarily above their head. But when the teacher chooses them to answer, their anxiety overshadows their ability. The child now doesn’t want to answer so only just manages to whisper as they awkwardly return their hand back to their lap, in hope that if it was wrong, no one really heard. But that’s all that was needed. A whisper. They knew the answer. They knew that they knew the answer but their anxiety almost stopped them from showcasing their ability.

I think a lot of the time we do actually know what we need but we are just too scared to either admit it or to do it. We have spent so much time searching for the answer, which has probably caused us pain along the way, so surely it couldn’t be that simple? Maybe our whisper just looks like a plaster for a broken leg; it wouldn’t make any difference. Maybe it is a plaster (to begin with). But it’s a plaster with potential…

But then you might question, well if I already knew it five years ago, why didn’t it work then? Why has it taken so long for me to actually acknowledge my whisper? You have changed, learnt and grown since the last time you heard it, even if it was last week. Maybe something needed to happen first, in order to prepare you, so this time you can give it your all. Maybe now you have more self-confidence, a new set of skills or are trying not to worry so much about what other people think. Maybe now you believe in it.

What is your whisper actually trying to tell you? That you need to slow down, change your lifestyle or push yourself out of your comfort zone?

Some days the whisper might be really quiet, and on other days you might not hear it at all. But it’s still there. If it’s been coming back for as long as you can remember, there’s a reason for it. It’s like one of those days when the grey clouds take over and I’m finding myself turning the lights on at 2pm; wondering if the sun has fallen out of the sky because the view out of the window resembles a mass of mouldy candy floss. The sun and blue sky are nowhere to be seen, but even though we can’t see it, it’s still there. Why? Because we need it.

So, what has this got to do with Christmas? I think Christmas is a great time to start listening to our whisper because it’s probably the time of year when we really can’t fit anything else in. It’s a bit like when I feel overwhelmed and all I want to do is curl up under my duvet, so I don’t have to face anyone or anything. But actually, I need to do the complete opposite in order to help myself. Yes, there are times when we need an evening curled up in bed and time spent alone to recharge, but we need to be mindful about the impact that it’s going to have on our wellbeing. Is it going to make you feel better or worse in the long run? What are your intentions? To rest and relax or to hide from the world? The same goes for Christmas.

Maybe your whisper is telling you that there is more to Christmas; that it doesn’t have to be all about stress, money and expectations. Maybe you know deep down that Christmas isn’t all about that, so take a closer look at what your whisper is trying to say. Why are you buying that person a gift? If your intention is to give and love this Christmas, does that need to be displayed through something that can be wrapped and does it need to be given to a friend or member of your family?

Is there a greater meaning behind your whisper? What if by identifying the true purpose of Christmas, you can also discover your plaster with potential? Have faith and never underestimate the abilities of your whisper.

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